(Please note: 1 are = 10mx10m ie: 100 sqm)

Bungalow for Rent or Sale

Double K Hut

Located: Br. Pengasahan, Lalanglinggah, Selemadeg Barat, Tabanan – Bali Only 500 meter from the famous surfing beach, Balian Beach.

Land: 4 are

Sleep 2 or 3, this bungalow is surround with beautiful garden jungle. Made from bamboo walls and coconut wood poles with attach grass roof. Consist of one master bedroom up stair overlooking the ocean and big open area for lounge, dining and kitchen. Outdoor bathroom with hod and cold shower.

Contact us at : Property for Rent or Sale


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dkh-interior-2 dkh-interior-3 dkh-interior-10
dkh-interior-7 dkh-interior-8 dkh-interior-11


House for Sale

Rumah Sanur

Located: Jl. Kutat Lestari, Sanur

Land: 1,5 are


  • 3 bedrooms with shower-rooms & toilet
  • Lounge Room
  • Carport
  • Terrace
  • Kitchen with kitchen set
  • Maid bedroom plus toilet
  • Pool
Contact us at: Property for Rent or Sale
rumah-sanur-1 rumah-sanur-2

rumah-sanur-3 rumah-sanur-4

Rumah Jimbaran

Located: Jimbaran

Only 8 minutes from the Airport, 10 minutes from Nusa Dua Beach, 10 minutes from Pandawa Beach, 5 minutes from GWK. Main Street Nusa Dua.

Land: 2,10 are (2 sertificates in one, 121 m2 dan 89 m2, SHM, IMB, electricity 4400 watt)


  • 3 bedrooms with air-condition
  • One bathroom
  • Lounge
  • 2 lobbies
  • Carport
  • Terrace
  • Kitchen with kitchen set
  • Maid bedroom plus toilet 

rumah-jimbaran-1 Contact us at: Property for Rent or Sale 

rumah-jimbaran-9 rumah-jimbaran-2 rumah-jimbaran-3

rumah-jimbaran-4 rumah-jimbaran-5 rumah-jimbaran-6

rumah-jimbaran-7 rumah-jimbaran-8 rumah-jimbaran-10