Who are we?

Please enjoy this short history of Pondok Pisces and Balian Beach:

Tom Wilson, a visiting artist from Australia discovered and fell in love with Balian in 1990. A few years later (1995) he purchased a small piece of land. In ‘99 he began to build a modest house and 2-storey bungalow. At this time he was still the only foreigner settling in this isolated bit of Bali paradise.

Tom opened his home as a unique Surfer Accommodation in 2000, sharing his dream as he had now relocated to Balian Beach permanently. He named it Pondok Pisces after ‘pondok’ meaning small house and ‘pisces’ meaning fish (he was born in March).

Proving to be a popular retreat for visitors, another family bungalow was built which has now become our Restaurant Tom’s Garden Cafe. Behind the garden Cafe was erected a small beautiful carved wooden pondok from Timor (called Timor House). Tom thought that the first house would be his home while the other bungalows could be rented to guests.

As does happen Tom met a beautiful lady named Tati in 2003. Originally from Jogjakarta and working in Jakarta, she soon was in love with Balian Beach (and Tom!). Married in 2004 and now a team, they operated the business and restaurant employing local staff, many of whom are still there today. Their local friend Ketut offered them a nice block by the sacred river soon after. With help from Tom’s good friends from Oz and also Tati’s relatives, the beautiful Balian Riverside Sanctuary was born.


Left to right, standing: Ketut, Tom, Tati, Nyoman, Luhde, Wayan, Iluh, Susi, Wayan, Nyoman and Ketut ; Sitting: Ketut, Nengah, Made, Nyoman and Wayan, Missing: 2 Wayans

Following their interests and love of Balinese craftwork, they established Reincarnation Furniture in Ubud. Spending more time in Ubud, Tom and Tati visited Pondok Pisces weekly for rest and relaxation. As time moved along in 2009 they decided to upgrade the beachhouse bungalow from a single accomm to a new 2-storey with 3 accommodations. Unfortunately Tom passed away before the completion of the new building.

Tati continues to live their dream at Pondok Pisces. She has been inspired to do more renovations and improvements including new bungalows at Riverside Sanctuary. Tom’s legacy remains in his establishment of relaxed accommodation, good food and beautiful gardens, and of course in Tati’s welcoming smile.

Some of Pondok Pisces guests now reside fulltime in Balian Beach or have bought land to bring to life their own dream. There are more people today in Balian and also more hotels and cafes. Local villagers have been able to help their families and send their children to university through this growth which has provided employment and land sales.


We welcome you to Pondok Pisces and the beautiful Balian Beach. All dedicated to making your stay at Pondok Pisces the highlight of your Bali visit.

A world away from the busy tourist areas, with the opportunity to relax and mingle with locals and friendly people from all over the planet. Enjoy the surf, sunsets, good food and good vibes that make Balian Beach so unique.