Kedai Iluh Restaurant

Fresh daily ingredients and talented local cooks combine to offer you a wide selection of tasty, healthy meals available from 10.00am-6pm, 7 days a week.

  • Special in Indonesia & Balinese menu
  • Free Wifi
  • Take Away and Delivery service (Balian Beach area)
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Set Sarapan

Breakfast Set ~ Rp. 30

(included in your room)

Served with Fruit Juice, cuts of local Fruits & Tea or coffee with milk
Choice of:
  • Egg & Toasts
  • Pancake with honey
  • Nasi Goreng
  • Mie Goreng

Pilihan tambahan:

Choice of extras
  • Egg/Tomato ~ Rp. 4
  • Banana/Chocolate ~ Rp. 5
  • Mushroom ~ Rp. 7
  • Cheese ~ Rp. 7
  • Chicken ~ Rp. 7 
Change to Standard Breakfast must be ordered and paid for separately.



Telur, Roti bakar, selai & mentega

Egg & Toast served with jam & butter
1. Eggs Any Style (Scrambled/ Poached/ Boiled/ Fried/ Omelette) Rp.15.000
2. Omelettés (Mushroom, Cheese, Chicken, Tomato or Mix ) Rp.22.000


1. Plain Pancake Served with honey Rp.15.000
2. Banana/ Pineapple Pancake Served with honey Rp.20.000
3. Chocolate Pancake Rp.20.000
4. Fresh Fruits Platter Seasonal tropical fruits Rp.15.000
5. Nasi Goreng Fried Rice mixed vegetables with fried egg on top, plus crackers Rp.15.000
6. Mie GorengStir-fried noodles, mixed vegetables and egg Rp.15.000



Makanan Pembuka


Served from 11.00am to 6.00pm

Sup & Salad

Soup & Salad
1. Sayur Hijau Light and tasty green vegetable soup with egg Rp.12.000
2. Sup Sayuran Clear soup, mixed potato, carrot and bean Rp.15.000
3. Tom’s Garden Salad Green lettuce, vegetables, chunk apple, pineapple and cashew nuts with our special homemade chilly dressing Rp.25.000
Add Chicken Rp.32.000





4. Tempe Goreng Kering/Tepung Dry fried or fry with flour  tempeh, served with sliced chili in soy sauce. Rp.5.000
5. Kentang Goreng Bowl of crispy fried potato chips, served with tomato or chili sauce. Rp.15.000
6. Bakwan Sayur Yummy fried vegetables, corn & garlic fritters Rp.12.000
7. Lumpia Sayur / Lumpia Telur Vegetables spring rolls / Egg spring rolls with sweet & sour chili sauce. Rp.15.000
8. Lumpia Udang Shrimps spring rolls with sweet & sour chili sauce. Rp.25.000
9. Sayap Ayam Pedas Spicy Chicken Wings Rp.20.000
10.Udang Goreng Tepung Shrimp in light crispy batter served with sweet & sour chili sauce or mayonaise Rp.25.000

Makanan Utama


Served from 11.00am to 6.00pm


Nasi & Mie

Rice & Noodles
1. Nasi Goreng Kampung Udang Traditional fried rice cooked in shrimp paste served with egg, fried shrimp & crackers Rp.25.000
2. Nasi Goreng Udang Pedas Fried Rice mixed with shrimp & egg served with crackers. Rp.25.000
3. Nasi Goreng Ayam Chicken Fried Rice mixed with veggie served with fried egg on top & crackers. Rp.22.000
4. Mie Goreng Ayam Stir-fried Egg Noodles mixed with chicken, vegetables and egg. Rp.22.000
5. Mie Siram Chap Chay Our specialty. Stir fried mixed vegetables and cashew nuts served on a bed of crispy fried noodles. Rp.25.000
Add Chicken Rp.32.000


1. Nasi Chap Chay Delicious mix of stir-fried vegies, mushrooms and egg. Rp.20.000
2. Nasi Kare Sayur Delicious, eggplant, carrot, cabbage, corn, beans, potatoes mixed, plus peanuts simmered in coconut milk. Rp.27.000
3. Nasi Gado-gado Steamed mix vegetables plus fried tofu, tempeh, boiled egg and vegetable crackers doused with rich home-made peanut sauce. Rp.27.000


1. Ayam Geprek Tender pan-fried chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs smashed in spicy chili sambal. Served with rice. Rp.27.000
2. Nasi Ayam Teriyaki Stir fry Chicken in teriyaki sauce. Rp.27.000
3. Nasi Ayam Goreng Sambal Tomat Tender and crispy fried chicken. Served with sambal terasi (shrimp paste) tomato Rp.27.000
4. Rendang Ayam Chicken rendang. Served with rice. Rp.27.000
5. Chicken Schnitzel & Chips Tender pan-fried chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs. Served with tomato sauce.noodles. Rp.37.000
6. Chicken Supreme & Chips Our Specialty! Tender chicken breast filled with cheese and ham. Served coleslaw and mustard & honey sauce Rp.47.000



1. Pasta Al Funghi  Fettuccine served with a rich mushroom cream sauce & cheese. Rp.39.000
2. Pasta Pomodoro Angel-hair with our homemade tomato, onion & olive sauce, topped with parmesan cheese.  Rp.39.000







Price in Rp. 1,000 (thousands rupiah)
Please note that 21% Gov tax and service charge will be added to your bill
Price are subject to change without prior notice

* September 2020*